Golf swing instructor… this one

Golf swing coach is a term, and you might think of a training aid that works on your golf swing. I have come up with a new definition for golf swing coaches. It happens to be what I do for a living.

I will not discuss it into an article about myself, but I hope you will think of a golf swing coach from a different light after reading the article.

You see… I have watched and read that millions of golfers are looking for “silver bullets”. Wandering around the magical pill, you will have a perfect swing and the game of your dreams. Hmm… Hmm! I hate sabotaging the party, but there is no such thing.


I spent most of my 10 years studying golf swings. Over 25 years in the field of fitness and exercise physiology. I have combined my two passions into the label of golf swing coach.

One day, when I was working with a private golf client, I came to me. We talked about the swing failures, I opened golf stretches and practice to eliminate swing failures.

It’s been 4 sessions… It’s not a problem with his swing! Complete! At least, he is very excited. Let me tell you that he has taken a private golf course with 4 different golf teaching professionals and cannot correct his golf swing errors.

When he explained it to me… it was obvious. It’s a physical restriction, and it doesn’t allow the body to perform the prescribed technique. All teaching professionals need to do it.

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I’m as excited as him, and I’m staying at home. A golf swing coach implements golf practice and stretching to eliminate golf swing failures. It is the most effective way to permanently eliminate the rotation failure with the smallest possible change of technology. The swing is in place when the body can perform at the optimal level of strength and flexibility.

You heard it first. Now, I am so confident that you will hear more professionals use it in my professional field.

Golf swing coaches should have an advanced understanding of golf swings from a mechanical and physical perspective. If one or the other is missing, then the individual is not a qualified professional and should work on your golf swing.

So next time you hear this sentence… Think about improving your body… Don’t learn more lessons, buy the latest and greatest gimmick training aid, or fight more waves.

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