Golf balance practice to create a rock-solid golf swing

Golf balance practice should be a must-go for every amateur golfer. One of the biggest problems with most amateur players is balance, stability and physical control in their golf swing.

I often see a golfer swing beyond his physical ability, lose his balance, cause serious mistakes, and eventually become a double or triple monster.

There are physical requirements to keep your golf ball balanced in a swing. The golf swing posture is usually called the golf posture. It is a very unnatural position where the body is at the address, let alone a swing.

Leaning forward on the waves of the feet requires a high level of strength and flexibility. Just enter your golf position and go back to the back of your upper leg to see how tight your hamstring is.

If your hamstrings are tight and/or weak, you will not have a chance to maintain your golf posture and ultimately balance your golf swing.

What is the environment of your quadriceps?

Play a key role in keeping your golf swing stable. Rotating your upper body is somewhat fixed around your lower body, which requires huge foot strength . In addition, your limbs help keep your knees bent as you have in address. If your limbs are so weak, your feet will straighten, causing you to step out of our swing.

As you can see, your golf balance requires muscle strength and flexibility. Without it, you will always fall on your swing!

A great golf balance exercise (drilling) is swinging and actually hitting a leg of the wave. Try to scare! You will soon find it difficult. But stick to it and you will become a professional. If you can hit a straight ball on one leg, using two legs will be a tight grip.

In all my advanced golf performance training, I let golfers use one leg to do most of the strength exercises. It’s cruel! It requires a lot of focus and concentration, you will sweat before you even grab the weight.

A Rock Solid Foundation

I have dozens of golf balance exercises in my DVDs, books and websites that will significantly improve your balance, stability and overall control. Surprisingly, I received several emails from golfers. They thought that golf balance exercises were so easy, until they did a complete set of exercises.

After that, his explanation will be different!

It may be the link you are missing, a great game! Focus on some golf balance exercises!