Change your golf grip to better golf

Setting a new grip on your golf club can be a cheap and effective solution that can quickly give you more consistency to your game.

Most amateur golfers never change their control of their clubs. He has played with a set of clubs for many years, and has never changed his grip!

However, as we all know, some professional players control their own club at the end of each round. They do the same, so their club feels exactly the same. Chances are, they don’t need to catch them, often, but there is a lot of money in danger in today’s tour, and they don’t want to keep any chances low.

How resistant should you catch your club again?

A good general rule is:

If you play once a week, you should change the club once a year. Play twice a week, change twice a year, etc.

Of course, if you do a lot of practice on the range, you should consider changing your grip more frequently. In the firing range, you can easily shoot 30 shots with the driver. In a round of golf, you must not use the driver more than 10 times. Therefore, a range of sessions per week reaches 30 drives, which is equivalent to 3 rounds per week, which means 3 times a year.

You will also find that some of your clubs are used more frequently than others, especially when you only play home games most of the time. It’s because you play the stadium in a certain way-the same shots in the same club are mostly controlled by the length of the course. Therefore, after a few months, the grip of some clubs becomes more shabby than others.

What happens when the grip is worn?

The grip is basically only film, so we need to be able to hold the golf club safely. The handle has a variety of textured surfaces to provide more grip safety and feel. When the handle on the surface rubber starts to wear. The natural oils in our hands are beginning to affect the grip. You will notice this because it will start to look shiny.

If you look at old golf clubs and never get caught, you will see that the grip is often very shiny.

The shiny grip is a problem. When the grip is shiny, you have to hold the club firmly so that it won’t slip and turn when swinging. You may not even know what you are doing! The problem of catching the club too hard is that it affects the way you hit the ball. Your hand is not relaxed at all, so because the muscles of your hand and forearm are tense, it will slow down. In a golf swing, relax your hands and fasten your hands. You need to be fast and only hand to get a good distance.

It is worth checking golf clubs at least once a month. Compare into a set of grips. If anything starts to wear out, consider updating it.

The new grip feels good. Compared with the old worn grip, it almost feels “sticky”. Can give you real confidence.

Confidence is success.

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