For four players, there is a team format. Round Robin, often known as 6,6 and 6, is a foursome game in which the two player teams switch partners after every six holes. Each player can play with a different partner in each of the three matches because the round is broken into three six-hole matches. (Can pair players who hit the longest and closest drives on the first hole to form a team for the first six holes.)


Each golfer plays 36 holes in this game. The two rounds are then combined to produce a final score, with the best net score from each of the 18 holes being chosen. The player with the lowest total is the winner. This variation is commonly played with a handicap of two-thirds or three-quarters. Selected score is a delightful, leisurely format to play over the course of a weekend or two days of golf, though some die-hards do it all in one day.


Each team member hits a tee shot in a scramble, and the best drive is chosen. The rest of the team will relocate their balls to the chosen drive and play the second shot from there. The method is repeated until the ball is holed out, selecting the best second shot. In this game, long ball hitters have an edge, but short game abilities are required to record a competitive score. Because putting is such an important aspect of a scramble, every team member can contribute.


A modified scramble style that requires a little more strategy than a conventional scramble and in which the same player’s shot cannot be selected twice in a row.

SHAMBLE A golf format in which each player in a foursome shoots a tee shot and the team’s best drive is chosen. Each player in the foursome hits their second shot from the tee shot location and continues to play their individual ball to finish the hole. Each player’s score is kept track of, and points are awarded as follows:

  • 2 points: Birdie 1 point: Par 2 points: Par 2 points: Par 2 points: Par 2 points: Par 2
    Eagle gets three points.
    Double Eagle (4 points)

The team score for the hole is calculated by adding the individual points. Players use their handicap, and points are awarded based on each player’s net score. This allows every team member, regardless of ability level, to contribute.

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