Tips for finding the right golf club

Golf is an almost infinitely subtle game. A slight spin in one or two degrees of swing may mean the difference between hitting the green or hiding in the landing. The same subtleties are obvious in a set of golf clubs. As President Woodrow Wilson once said, “Golf is a game where people try to control waves with equipment that is not adapted to the purpose.

With the continuous advancement of golf club technology, whether you are looking for higher strength, accuracy or forgiveness, you can see the difference of the new club in your game. However, if your swing is inherently flawed, the new club will not disappear. Your club can only improve where it already exists.

In order to increase your score, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive set of clubs-but you do need proper settings. Unless you aim for 6 feet or less, a standard size club should be correct for most men and women. Men’s clubs are generally 1 inch tall.

Finding the Right Golf Club

Shafts are a basic consideration. Today, they are usually composed of steel or graphite. Although steel shafts are more durable, generally flatter, and provide more control, they need to swing faster to produce longer distances.

The driver design has recently reached the USGA size and length limit. A Zhongda club head produces more speed through the swing, providing a Zhongda “sweet” and more forgiveness.

Irons also offer various styles and options, divided into two categories: cast iron or forged irons. Cast iron head is recommended for beginners, because it provides a big sweetness, more forgiving accuracy. The forged iron head has a flat weighted back, provides a higher center of gravity, and produces more concentrated sweet spots and more control for experienced players.

Golf Club Buying Guide

As with most forms of human effort, there is no “one size fits all” solution in golf. What is right for your partner may not be right for you. The club is a good start for professional club players.

For more useful information and thousands of resources on all aspects of golf, please spend some time searching the Internet for tips on this wonderful historical game. Become a more knowledgeable golfer and enjoy those proud golf courses!

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