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The best golfers in the world know that no matter how long you’ve been playing the game, there’s always room for improvement. At Par Breakers, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your skills, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or venturing out onto the course for the first time.

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Mechanical sound golf swing

It takes time and practice to deliver a good golf swing aspect to your long-term memory. The best way is to practice new skills regularly and be

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The golf courses in Okanagan are unforgettable

Golf is a very exclusive game, you can’t play it anywhere. Golf enthusiasts or players only know the facts when they really play this game.

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Competitions for Bogey and Par:

In bogey and par contests, the scoring is done in the same way that it does in match play. Any hole in which a player does not make a profit is

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Playing strokes: At most professional events, strokeplay is the most popular type of competition. In stroke play, each player (or team) competes over

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For four players, there is a team format. Round Robin, often known as 6,6 and 6, is a foursome game in which the two player teams switch partners

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Change your golf grip to better golf

Setting a new grip on your golf club can be a cheap and effective solution that can quickly give you more consistency to your game. Most amateur

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Work with the Pros

Par Breakers offers private lessons with computer-video assist and G.A. launch monitor technology. With launch monitor technology we can break down every nuance of your swing. This is the most up to date technology and Par Breakers has both the G.A. achiever and G.A. Cam with specific software to taylor your game to perfection. With this unit we can fit your clubs to your swing. Test your swing speed/ face angle at impact and more.

Have one of our pros work closely with you to find you perfect swing. With computer video- assist and G.A. Launch monitor technology we are able to see all the parts of your swing in slow motion and give you the best in instruction drills made just for you. Take advantage of technology at it’s best with every lesson you take and get the most out of your game with a Par Breakers private lessons.