For four players, there is a team format. This is a foursome game with a two-person team. Each hole has two points available. 1 point for a low ball, and 1 point for a low total. Ties earn no points.


For four players, there is a team format. There are two points available per hole in this two-person team game played in a foursome. On each hole, the two teams compare their low ball and best high ball scores. 1 point for the low ball; 1 point for the lower of the two high balls. Ties earn no points.


Individual or team play for groups of two, three, four, or more players. This is a popular game that may be played individually or in groups. There are three matches in a Nassau. The first match is made up of nine holes, the second is made up of nine holes, and the third match is made up of 18 holes.

Each match has the same point value, which is established before the round begins. This game can be played as a match or as a medal game (stroke play).


Three players in a one-on-one format. A total of nine points are awarded for each hole. The following are the ways in which players can gain points:

Best Score: 5 points

Second place (3 points) The highest possible score
Worst (highest) Score: 1 point

If two players are tied for the highest score, the first and second points are distributed evenly between them. 5+3=8. Each of the two tied players receives four points. When two players have the same high score, the second and third points are distributed evenly between them. 3+1=4. Each of the tied players receives two points. If all three players have the same score, each receives three points.


The “quota points” are used in this format. Each player selected her quota depending on her handicap prior to the round. At WCC, the maximum quota is 36 points. As a result, a handicap of one has a quota of 35. The quota for a two handicap is 35, and so forth. The quota for a 30 handicap is 6.
During the round, give yourself the following points:

1 point is awarded for each Bogey.
2 points for: For each of the four Par 4 points: Each Birdie has an own personality.
8 out of 10 For every eagle,

The golfer who exceeds her quota the most at the end of the round wins the game. If no one meets the quota, the golfer who came closest to it wins.