Golf Tournaments


Is a four-player team format that demands the partners to devise a bidding strategy, similar to the card game of the same name. The goal of the game is for the lowest bidding team’s total score to be equal to or less than the bid. On the first tee, the winning team is selected. On each hole, regardless of who wins the bid, the choice to bid first alternates.

The first team to submit a bid has two options: 1. Bid the estimated number of strokes their team will have on the hole. 2. Give the bid to the other team.

Following the announcement of the initial bid, the opposing side has three options: 1. Make a lower scoring bid. 2. Pass, allowing the other teams to bid on the hole. 3. Increase the hole’s point value by two. (You have the option of doubling the hole’s point value if you believe your opponents will not be able to match or beat your bet.) The bidding will continue until the lowest bidder is found.

The following are the ways to acquire points: If they score equal to or lower than the bid, the lowest bidding team receives the hole’s point value. If their aggregate score is higher than the bid, the lowest bidding team loses the hole’s point value.


For 3 or 4 players, this is an individual format. The Chairman is the first player to win a hole (untied). If the Chairman wins the next hole, the other players will give him a point. If the hole ends in a draw, no points are awarded, and the Chairman retains his position. If one of the other players wins a hole, that person becomes the new Chairman, and no points are awarded or deducted for that hole. Players gain points for being Chairman and winning a hole.


A game for two or more players who want to improve their overall game. For various aspects of the game, points are granted, and the player with the most points wins. The team’s players decide on the actual value of each point ahead of time. You can pay everyone or simply the winner if they have more points than you.